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You know what they say - home is where the heart is. But let's be honest - not everyone can afford their own home. So we wanted to create this amazing series on finding the perfect home. Here, we'll show you different types of amazing apartments across India with price tags starting at a decent price - so don't worry about what home might suit you best because we have it covered. Check out our newest video showcasing a Contemporary Home - get ready to fall in love as we show you this new sleek space with modern amenities!

We'll explore beautifully furnished apartments that suit different lifestyles, as we get an inside look into what life would be like if we were residents here. We'll start off by going inside a classic floor plan so you can see what it feels like when we stay true to tradition. Next we'll go see a loft-style setup on the top floor. Last but not least we'll have a peek inside what it looks like on a penthouse suite!

You'll have everything you need in this updated home with granite countertops and a luxurious full-sized kitchen. And if it starts to rain, grab your TV remote and enjoy amazing programming from Via sat on our large, flat screen TV!

It has been said that Bangalore is home to some of the world's most innovative people- what better way to take advantage of that? If it sounds like the right location for you then it's time to consider making it your next home! You can enjoy all of these great amenities while escaping much of the noise that goes with large city life.

With more tech jobs than any other region in India, it can't get any more on-trend than Bangalore. Living spaces in Bangalore are cheaper than those in other cities with more green space per person than any other, it couldn't get any more idyllic. Bengaluru, known as the Silicon Valley of India, is the ideal location for anyone who wants a lively environment full of high-tech opportunities.

Are you tired of crowds and pollution? Start your new life in An Indian city on the outskirts of one of the biggest metropolises in the world. An untouched landscape with quality living at every turn.

For any professional looking to settle down in an international yet vibrant area, you may want to look into investing in property in Bangalore today. Boasting both tradition and convenience, this is an attractive real estate market for professionals like you. Not only does Bangalore have a thriving economy, there are plenty of opportunities for your professional career to grow and prosper. Situated in Bangalore, the city has emerged as a sought-after destination with a new identity that includes both cosmopolitanism and an authentic experience.

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